Welcome to Running Stock

Welcome to Intraday Running Cash and FNO calls which will Run only in one Direction that is to give Jackpot profits.

Running Stock Advisory is a technical analysis and News research company for Indian stock market. we provide our researched knowledge to many individuals, stock brokers, traders, investors to invest them better every day. We are having support of News Based Information ,good technical analyst and fundamental analyst.

Our Aim

As we know in stock market no one can gain 100% profit or no one can produce 100% success ratio. Our strategy is trading less but trading smart, and always our aim is to minimize the loss and maximize the profit, and with this intention we always able to provide you good result.

We help many Traders / Investors to gain better advantage from our recommendations on News based trading calls and there by making Trading a joy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make intraday trading very easy in long run for normal investor as well as for trader. In recent past we came across many people, who lost big money in intraday trading and due to this they just stop intraday trading for lifetime.

May of us think that intraday is a cup of tea of big trader or investors, as they have big funds to use. Small trader cannot do intraday trading due to shortage of funds, But With Running Stock even a small Trader / Investor can make consistent profit on daily basis by following our recommendations.

So our final mission is to provide intraday platform to all our traders, investors where we use limited capital, take limited risk and always trade Safe & Sure and try to earn Decent money in intraday trade.

So with us Intraday Trading is always a safe play.

Running Stock tries to bring together information and content that subscriber can use to improve their investment decisions. Picking the right stock to trade in can be challenging and extremely rewarding. At Running Stock, we can help you with the complete process of identifying a potential trade, entering into that trade, riding the trade and booking profits at the end of that trend. This together with our built in risk & money management system will help any trader or investor extract maximum profits from the market.